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  • Azure
  • Terraform
  • Azure DevOps
  • OOP
  • Automation and Scripting
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Office 365
  • SQL
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Coaching
  • Presenting
  • Communication Skills
  • Facilitating

I am a technology professional with proven skills in helping teams to design and implement large scale IT systems; bringing together cross department functions, working with the leadership team to help create systems that are resilient, reliable and performant.

In my current role at Footasylum I have been working closely with the leadership team across the department in helping to drive decisions or solve wide reaching problems, whether that be assisting QA in improving the use and knowledge around automated tests, to helping the infrastructure and operations teams solve problems in disaster recovery strategy to assisting the development teams in implementing cloud architecture patterns like circuit breakers in serverless functions. In addition to the technical details of system design I am also involved in assisting teams to drive forward decisions around work that might not have clear requirements, facilitating the process to achieve faster turnaround of deliverables.

One of my passion pieces in my work so far has been the opportunities before me that have allowed me to positively impact the daily working lives of my colleagues, whether that be helping upskill them in Terraform, introducing new cloud architecture patterns, or even facilitating meetings, to driving forward decisions in the overall system design. A passion for me is the pursuit of engineering excellence and I regularly vocalize where I believe teams can be effective in improving both the quality of their work, the lead time to delivery and their own personal skill set. I recognise that it's great culture and great people that build great systems, that's why I am driven by helping my colleagues find the space and empowerment to do the right thing; knowing that striving for engineering excellence is how great systems can become the cornerstone to a successful digital transformation.

Footasylum (2019 - Present)

Principal Platform Engineer

At Footasylum I am part of the platform team, initially I was brought in as a C# developer helping in the early stages to develop the platform's solutions before I was promoted into the DevOps role and then again into the Principal Platform Engineer.

My main duties are broad and can range from helping a team develop a solution to a business problem, assisting in implementing deployment pipelines, creating Terraform files to provision infrastructure in Azure to improving assisting in the design of disaster recovery or even implementing resilience patterns in a piece of code.

Each day can be different and I can be involved in a day's work helping the Infrastructure team with Terraform to assist QA in developing a test strategy in a pipeline that helps developers gain feedback on their code.

Some of the things that I am particularly proud of so far are the facilitating of conversations between teams and department functions within the wider IT department, for example actively encouraging collaborative working practices to improve application security or assisting colleagues in IT Operations with alerting and resolving issues.

Being able to work across the different teams helping them deliver value in their work is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the role, whether that's exploring a new testing tool, to writing Terraform code to solve challenging infrastructure issues or simply lending a hand to the C# effort, it has also been personally rewarding, giving me the opportunity to upskill and improve the day to day working experience for my colleagues.

I have also enjoyed driving and promoting a devops culture throughout the business, and whilst it can be challenging at times, I feel that my opinion is very much welcomed. I have prided myself on my ability to question the "why" of a system before asking "how", driving the teams to think about where the value is in the projects that they are delivering. Footasylum has allowed me to become really hands on with Azure, building on my previous knowledge of things like Active Directory and Office 365 and how development teams can take advantage of those technologies, improving identity and security of the systems, in addition to that I've also really enjoyed bridging the gap between development and operations, such examples are training Infrastructure colleagues on how to use Terraform to deploy their infrastructure into Azure across multiple environments, or even helping facilitate conversations between security and development to help build better secured solutions.

DevOps Engineer 2020 - 2021 (1 year 7 months)

As the DevOps engineer working as part of the Platform Team I was initially responsible for assisting the team in the building of deployment pipelines, writing Infrastructure as Code in Terraform. Assisting the QA effort by helping developers run tests in pipelines. I also introduced technologies such as SonarCloud to improve on the code quality feedback.

Whilst working in this role I also began to coach and help others in using Terraform as well as extending upon work around the pipeline carried out by colleagues in other teams. I was given the opportunity here to really place focus on the DevOps effort and even gave public presentations on the team's journey with Terraform. This soon led to me becoming an authoritative source within the department for Terraform, however I recognised the importance of sharing my skills and knowledge with others in order to not become a silo within the department.

This soon lead to me becoming an authorative source within the department for Terraform, however I recognised the importance of sharing my skills and knowledge with others in order to not become a silo within the department.

Software Developer 2019-2020 (6 Months)

In my first role as a software developer I was initially brought in to help with the C# effort. The team were in the early days of building out APIs and services in Azure. In this role I really got to get hands on with Azure and Terraform and start to build on these skills. I grew with the team learning lots about Azure Functions, App Services, Terraform, Azure DevOps and more. It was during this initial period when I was given a copy of the DevOps handbook that played a pivotal role in my progression at Footasylum.

Cosatto Ltd (2016 2019)

Software Developer (2018 - 2019)

Using my skills in C# skills I was required to both maintain and develop a range of business applications. Some examples include:

  • Integration of a Close Brothers (now Klarna) finance checkout.
  • Extension of the EDI based ordering system.
  • Extending the in-house CRM.
  • Integrating new warehouses into the Pick EDI system.
  • Lift and shift updates to inhouse hosted services to Azure VMs.

I also gained strong skills across the .Net ecosystem including:

Entity framework code first and database first as well as working with EDMX files MVC, WebForms and SPA style web applications. Introduction of Unit testing (MS Test and some XUnit). Introduction of Azure DevOps including Build and Deployment pipelines (to Azure).

Junior Developer/IT Support (2016 - 2018)

As my first IT role this was split between some development and general IT support including helping users with connection issues, resolving issues on the company ERP and fixing minor hardware issues. This was also my first development role and saw me primarily supporting the other developer by fulfilling minor changes and tasks with some guidance. It was during this time I gained the opportunity to showcase my abilities as a C# developer, quickly rising to become the sole in house developer. Some of the project work I completed as a junior included: Internal intranet porting it over from VB.Net application. Redevelopment of the internal appraisal systems.


Acoustics BEng (2:1) (Hons) 2009 - 2013 University of Salford


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